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Elanco offers a broad range of industry-leading products and services focused on helping you create the strong flock health that drives profitability.  

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Working Together to Help You Raise Healthy Poultry

We know that raising a healthy flock requires a hands-on approach. When you entrust your poultry health needs to Elanco you can rest assured that a team dedicated to your success will lower your stress and raise your confidence by actively listening to your needs, collaborating to diagnose your situation, and offering you a solution quickly. 

That unmatched combination of well-trained and hardworking people, world-class poultry products and constant collaboration with customers is what sets Elanco Poultry apart as we strive to help your birds and business thrive.

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    Innovation: Elanco invests in R&D to continually pursue new opportunities to help you face the ever-changing poultry health challenges.

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    Dedicated To Your Success: Your Elanco representative will serve as an integral part of your team, working with dedication and integrity to help you do what’s best for the health of your birds and business.

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    Industry-Leading Expertise: Our knowledge of the poultry industry runs wide and deep, giving us perspective to help your operations and advocate for the entire industry.

Elanco Poultry Portfolio

Elanco Poultry offers a full range of products that our experts can tap into to help your business grow.

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Food Safety

A holistic approach to controlling foodborne pathogens including  Salmonella in poultry production via insecticides, conventional vaccines, feed additives and autogenous vaccines.

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Keep pests at bay and reduce the risk of insect-borne health challenges.

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Intestinal Integrity

Feed additives that fight coccidiosis and mortality caused by necrotic enteritis.

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Nutritional Health

Increase nutritional digestibility and overall bird health.

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Health Management

Proactive control for respiratory and immunosuppression disease challenges, including those that require autogenous vaccines.

Tap Into Industry Leading Poultry Expertise

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For poultry operations across the country, Elanco U.S. Poultry provides an expansive range of effective products, services and people who will help you address your needs with a tailored solution to keep your birds healthy and your operations running smoothly. At Elanco, your needs are at the core of everything we do, which is why we have dedicated teams of experts in the areas of:

  • Food Safety

  • Nutritional Health

  • Research and Development

  • Elanco Products

  • Veterinarian/Technical Consultation

Elanco Poultry Hub

Elanco Poultry hub provides the latest insights on poultry flock health and ways to control illness in poultry, enhance nutrition and control pests.

Controlling infectious bursal disease requires solid management and an effective vaccination program

Early Detection of Infectious Bursal Disease Key to Disease Management

Infectious bursal disease (IBD), also known as Gumboro disease, can cause severe, long-lasting suppression of the immune system in chickens. A highly contagious disease of young chickens in which the tissues of the immune system are targeted, IBD results in immunosuppression in the chicken and susceptibility to other infections, such as E. coli, Mycoplasma, coccidia, and other diseases.  

Salmonella vaccine can help reduce presence of Salmonella Reading by 57%

Control Salmonella Reading with Monitoring, Biosecurity and Vaccines

Salmonella Reading is not usually a pathogen of concern and is rarely a threat to human health. But, when an outbreak does occur, it can cause significant food-borne illness in humans and generate a lot of public attention. Discover how a turkey operation used vaccines to reduce the presence of Salmonella Reading in ground turkey samples by 57%.

Darkling beetles can lay 200 to 2,000 eggs in their short 3-month life

Reduce Headaches and Economic Losses Caused by Darkling Beetles

Darkling beetle infestations cost poultry operations millions every year by spreading disease and damaging facilities. Broiler and turkey producers can better manage these destructive pests by understanding their behavior and implementing proper IPM strategies. Learn more about controlling darkling beetles in your operation

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