Don't Let Flies Damage Your Poultry Operation Performance

It’s estimated that flies cost global livestock and poultry production industry billions of dollars in losses each year.1 Not only do flies spread disease, they also create nuisances that cause animals to waste energy and disrupt normal feeding.

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Control Flies with Elanco Insecticides

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Attack Adults and Larvae

Elanco products include both adulticides and larvicides to attack flies at all stages of life. 

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Help Manage Resistance

A diversity of chemical classes that use multiple modes of action help minimize the risk of resistance.

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Get Expert Advice in Creating an Integrated Pest Management Program

Your Elanco representative can offer expert insight into how our insecticides fit into your integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Elanco’s broad range of fly control products offer solutions for any need. Plus, your Elanco team will offer expert advice on creating and executing an IPM that takes care to minimize the risk of resistance.

Effective Fly Control from Elanco

Your Elanco team will help you carefully assess your insect challenges and choose a solution from a broad array of effective insecticides. The Elanco insecticide product portfolio can attack flies at both the larvae and adult stages with multiple modes of action for maximum effectiveness and reduced risk of resistance. 

logo Agita 10 WG

Agita® 10 WG (thiamethoxam)

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Water-soluble insecticide for control of house flies and darkling beetles in and around poultry housing.

Elector® PSP

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Effective control for house flies, darkling beetles, and northern fowl mites in and around livestock facilities.

logo Larvadex

Larvadex® (Cyromazine)

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In-feed solution for fly control, that controls house fly larvae and other fly species in breeder/layer housing.

logo Neporex

Neporex® 2 SG

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Fly control solution that is applied to the breeding sites of flies to control the larvae of the house fly and other fly species.

logo Permectrin II

Permectrin® II (Permethrin)

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Ten percent permethrin emulsifiable insecticide spray that provides up to 30 days of residual effect against various pests listed on the label.

Permectrin® Fly & Louse Dust

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Ready-to-use dust for direct animal use on beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine and poultry against various pests listed on the label.

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Quickbayt® Family of Products

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Effective control for nuisance flies around livestock production facilities, poultry houses and stables.

logo Rabon 50 WP

Rabon® 50 WP

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Wettable powder concentrate insecticide for use as a premise spray or for direct use on cattle, swine and poultry.

logo Ravap EC

Ravap® EC

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Restricted Use Product (RUP)

Spray concentrate for livestock, poultry and premise that can be applied directly to poultry, beef cattle and dairy cattle (including lactating).

CyLence® Family of Products

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The CyLence collection of insecticides offers multiple products that kill more than 60 pests in and around animal facilities and outbuildings. It’s available in spray and concentrate form.

Vapona® Concentrate Insecticide

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Restricted Use Product (RUP)

Organophosphate insecticide for control of flies, gnats and mosquitoes on cattle and around livestock and poultry premises.

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