Poultry Immunosuppression Control

Elanco’s immunosuppression control products offer customers the confidence of protection in the face of field challenges. Whether you're protecting your current flock or providing passive immunity to the next generation, we have the AviPro® vaccines to help ensure the health of your flock.

Chicken Producer Inside Chicken House Holding Bird Protected From Gumboro Disease

Protect Against Reovirus and Bursal Disease in Chickens and Turkeys

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Specialized Emulsification for Vaccines

Manufactured with technology that reduces the reaction at the injection site.

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Effective Prevention of Reovirus, Infectious Bursal Disease

Proven safe and effective against major immunosuppression diseases.

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Expert Service and Consultation

Your Elanco team can help with vaccination training, serology/strain selection and veterinary recommendations.

Choose AviPro and Elanco to get the products and expertise needed to identify and overcome specific disease challenges within your flocks.

A Broad Portfolio of Products for Maintaining Robust Flock Health

Poultry producers trust AviPro vaccines for leading-edge, safe and effective solutions to multiple disease challenges.

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AviPro® 226 BTO2-Reo

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Recommended for the vaccination of breeder hens and replacement pullets as an aid to provide maternal antibodies for the early protection of progeny against Reovirus related malabsorption syndrome and tenosynovitis and to type 1, Infectious Bursal Disease, standard and variant strains. Aids in the reduction of BD AL-2 Variant in chickens. BD AL-2 Variant protection has not been demonstrated in progeny.

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AviPro® 442 ND-IB2-BTO2-Reo

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Recommended for the vaccination of breeder hens and replacement pullets as an aid in the prevention of Bursal Disease (standard and variant), Newcastle disease, Bronchitis (Mass. and Ark. type).

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AviPro® Vibursa CE

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A live-virus vaccine containing a chicken embryo propagated with Bursal Disease virus and recommended as an aid in the prevention of Infectious Bursal (Gumboro) Disease in chickens.

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AviPro® 106 Reo

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Recommended for the vaccination of breeder hens and replacement pullets as an aid to provide passive protection of progeny against reovirus related malabsorption syndrome.

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For poultry producers who require a customized and flexible way to address unmet needs, Elanco’s autogenous vaccines provide customized, easy-to-use bacterial or viral vaccines for diseases that cannot be addressed with commercially available vaccines.

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