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Rabon® 50 WP

Rabon 50 WP insecticide is the wettable powder concentrate insecticide for use as a premise spray or directly on beef cattle, swine and poultry. It protects against a wide variety of pests including fleas, darkling beetles, lice, mites and fowl ticks.

Effective, Versatile Fly and Darkling Beetle Insecticide

Rabon 50 WP gives you more options for pest control, including horn flies and darkling beetles. Effective when used as a premise spray or for direct use on cattle, swine and poultry.

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Protects Against a Wide Variety of Pests

Controls horn flies, fleas, darkling beetles, lice, mites and fowl ticks.

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No Withdrawal Period

Use with beef cattle and swine right up until the day of harvest.

Get broad spectrum pest control from an insecticide approved for use on livestock and poultry.

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Get more information on how Rabon can help control insects that can decrease the performance of your poultry, beef cattle and swine. 

Rabon 50 WP Product Label

Important use and safety information for  Rabon 50 WP (tetrachlorvinphos).

Rabon 50 WP Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Fight Harmful Insects With Rabon 50 WP

Livestock Barn Protected By Rabon Insecticide

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The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.

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