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Neporex® 2 SG is a highly selective, highly effective solution that is applied to the breeding sites of flies to control the larvae of the house fly and other fly species. House flies can transmit more than 100 human and animal disease-causing organisms1, including avian influenza2 and salmonellosis3. What if you could help control the development of flies before they become a problem for your operation? Now you can — with Neporex® 2 SG.

Choose Neporex® 2 SG for Your Farm Fly Control

Control flies by killing them when they are larvae before they become a threat and nuisance. Neporex® 2 SG insecticide fly spray for barns helps protect your animals and investment by controlling the spread of diseases by flies in a way that’s not dangerous to animals or humans.

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Novel Mode of Action to Fight Resistance

Neporex® 2 SG disrupts the molting process, which is essential for the fly life cycle. It also interferes with the chitin metabolism of fly larvae at all three stages,5-7 stopping these larvae from developing.

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Attacks the Unseen Army

Only 15% to 20% of the fly problem in animal housing is adult flies — the other 80% is a silent army still in the larval stage.9 In fact, there can be more than 7,000 maggots in one kilogram of manure.9 Neporex® 2 SG attacks that unseen threat.

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Environmentally Friendly

Neporex® 2 SG has no negative impact on beneficial insects when used according to the label.8

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Long-Lasting Effect

Neporex® 2 SG has a residual effect of four weeks when used according to the label.7

Add Neporex® 2 SG to your farm fly control program for a unique-mode-of-action insecticide that kills larvae before they can become disease-carrying flies.

Neporex® 2 SG Efficacy in the Field10

A recent study showed that Neporex® 2 SG provides strong control of M. domestica L. for up to four weeks — and possibly longer.

Figure 1 illustrates the number of adult flies that emerged after Neporex® 2 SG treatments were applied to poultry manure. While substantial numbers of adult flies emerged from the control manure, negligible numbers of adult M. domestica L. emerged from the Neporex® 2 SG-treated manure.

Figure 1: Mean (±SE) numbers of adult M. domestica emerging after Neporex® 2 SG treatments were applied in the field to poultry manure; points with different letters are different (P<0.05), one-way ANOVA, Tukey’s HSD.

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Neporex® 2 SG Product Label

Important use and safety information for Neporex® 2 SG (cyromazine 2%).

Neporex® 2 SG Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Control flies with Neporex® 2 SG

House fly Controlled With Neporex

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