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Agita® 10 WG

Agita 10 WG insecticide is a first choice for house fly control in animal housing for beef, dairy, poultry and swine. Reducing pests reduces their impact on animal well-being and performance potential.1,2 More than just a nuisance, house flies can have a substantial impact on animals and bottom lines. With its novel, potent active ingredient, Agita 10 WG delivers a quick kill³ and long-lasting residual.1

Agita 10 WG Fly Spray Finds Fast and Kills Quick

Agita attracts both male and female flies and kills with a dual mode of action and novel attack mode.

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Fights Resistance

This second-generation neonicotinoid creates a new option for rotation with other insecticide classes.

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Highly Effective

The combination of contact and stomach modes of action makes Agita doubly lethal to flies.

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Highly Attractive

A sugar-containing formulation that includes (Z)-9-Tricosene attracts both male and female house flies.

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Quick Kill, Long-Lasting Residual

It delivers a lethal dose of thiamethoxam to house flies and has an average residual of six weeks.2

Get quick-kill, long-lasting fly control in your poultry and livestock facilities with Agita 10 WG.

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Get more information on how Agita can help safeguard the performance of your livestock and poultry.

Agita 10 WG Product Label

Important use and safety information for  Agita 10 WG (thiamethoxam).

Agita 10 WG Safety Data Sheet

Information for the safe use and storage of Agita 10 WG.

Fight Flies With Agita 10 WG

House Fly Attracted By Agita Insecticide Spray

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Animals cannot be present at time of premise treatment.

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